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By Kathy - Aug 17, 2019

Can any of you who purchased this dress attach a picture to this Thread? Interested in purchasing and i would like to see a true photo instead of a stock photo! Thanks in advance!

By marimar - Oct 30, 2017

I received this beautiful dress a few days ago and it looks absolutely amazing! The skirt is a bit more full that the skirt in the photos (has a small petticoat), but this is a good thing for me, because this gives the dress a more formal attitude. Thank you to the Shemarriage team! The dress is fabulous and the after sales service was very quick and efficient. They e-mailed me right after my order to confirm my custom made size..something didn't look correct in the numbers I sent them - and it wasn't - so they e-mailed me to make sure that I had sent all dimensions correctly. Thanks again!

By Ana - Jan 08, 2017

Hi girls!!
Is there by any chance someone who has a picture with the dress. Please could you attach some pics? Thank you so much

By moni2005 - Mar 15, 2015

I tried on dresses at stores and they were pretty, but this dress is prettier than the ones at the stores. I cannot believe I got this dress for this cheap.  I am tall, so they worked with me to alter it to fit my height. They made sure I was pleased before they went through with the order. I showed my family and friends and they are in awe of how stunning this dress is and how cheap it was.

By kathe360 - Jul 17, 2015

Wow, was I surprised when I saw this dress!  It is absolutely a fairy dress. It made me feel like a princess. The fabric is so comfortable and the lace details looks exquisite and amazing. Shemarriage was the first website I had ordered anything from. The shipping and the whole process does take a while but I am excited to see the another dresses I ordered.

By wontshoptherea.. - Jul 10, 2015

Shemarriage provides many stylish and gorgeous wedding dresses and many dresses for weddings. The dress is same as the pictures. The details on the bodice is amazing and beautiful. I love the tulle skirt. It is a fairy dress. Reccommend to brides! Besides, it is a great place to find the cutest to the sexiest outfits you'll ever fine online for the affordable prices. And if you ever have any problems you can always count of Shemarriage customer services to help resolve any issues.

By Jomepa - Jun 29, 2015

Shemarriage is a great place to shop, I'm glad I found it because soooo many of my dresses have come from Shemarriage. It has a great range to choose from and comes with great prices too! This dress is softlooking and it looks sweet on me. Top-applied venice lace appliques on illusion all-over lace bodice makes the dress looks romantic. I love the lightweight and flowing dress.

By judiswitzer - Jun 22, 2015

This site is great for dresses.The items are beautiful and everything I've ordered was perfect. If I didn't like something I just simply emailed them and they took care of it the next day. I just received my wedding dress from them. The dress is soft-looking and I love this style. The skirt is lightweight and flowings nicely. It waves in the breeze. The details on the bodice looks amazing and exquisite. I cut some off hem to make it fit me perfectly. I love it!

By rinoalaine05 - Jun 20, 2015

Before this wedding dress, I have had ordered 3 dresses  from Shemarriage. This is a soft-looking and graceful fress. The lace details on the bodice looks gorgeous and the skirt is flowing. I have been very pleased with the dresses and now most of my friends and family want a part of Shemarriage too. I have not yet found a reason not to shop at Shemarriage again and again and again.

By Savanah_68 - Jun 09, 2015

I love this dress so much especially the details on the bodice. This dress is great quality and very real to their pictures! I love the lightweight and soft fabric of this dress! I love Shemarriage. And I will contitue use this dress for other kinds of dresses. Their dresses are super gorgeous with high quality. You get what you paid. Thanks Shemarriage.

By judithapai - Jun 07, 2015

I Love this site! There are thousands of dresses to chose and they are stylish! The dress is super cute and it is exactly what I wanted. The dress is same as the picture and the lcae appliques on the bodice is delicate and looks gorgeou. I love the lightweight skirt, it waves in breeze.  I can still wear it with sandals for a more casual look. Love my dress! The dress took a while until it arrives but it worth it to wait.

By JackieB1805 - Jun 04, 2015

I have made about 4 orders before this wedding dress, ranging from dresses to jewlery to lingerie, and I have been happy with all of the transactions. This dress, like my other orders from here, is gorgeous. The fabric is extremely soft and the lace on the bodice is very beautiful. Definitely recommend! Everyone should go try it out!

By ShaeBaBae18 - May 27, 2015

I was extremely worried after purchasing from shemarriage.co because of all the bad reviews from some review sites and felt that I was going to be ripped off or unsatisfied with my purchase. But this dress is really release my worries. It fits me perfectly and the  venice lace appliques looks amazing. The skirt is lightweight and flowing nicely. Very safitsfied with the purchase.

By skittlez805 - May 18, 2015

It is a elegant and graceful dress. I love the soft-looking and the lace appliques on illusion all-over lace bodice, and a full, layered tulle skirt make this ephemeral gown a romantic's dream-come-true. The only problem is that the skirt is long for me, I need to cut some off to make it fit me perfectly.

By heatman13 - May 17, 2015

It was such a pleasant experience to buy my wedding dress from Shemarriage. It is a professional shop to provide wedding dresses. The dress is same as pictures and the fabric is soft, it is a perfect summer wedding dress. And the customer service is really good and they are always wiling to help immediately if you have a question or a problem.

By Mary Campbell - May 09, 2015

The dress is amazing. The skirt is lightweight and soft to wear. Top-applied venice lace appliques on illusion all-over lace bodice makes this dress a romantic's dream-come-true. I also have ordered some wedding accessories. The products' quality were great.  Shemarriage' s customer service is very good, friendly and helpful when I had some problems with my order

By Angelcat "J" - May 04, 2015

I love the soft-looking of the dress and I love the fit. The illusion all-over lace bodice and sheer three-quarter sleeves make the dress more romantic. Very nice store with some real good items only thing I don't like is that the shipping takes too long.

By maggie - Apr 28, 2015

When I received my order I was so excited to see the dress. To my surprise it is really what I wanted it to be. I love how soft it was. The shape stayed the same and pretty. Needless to say, I am satisfied with my purchase. Prices are good, delivery time frame is excellent.

By Yliana Wilson - Apr 14, 2015

The dress is absolutely beautiful with the lace appliques on illusion all-over lace bodice. The dress is so lightweight and  comfortable to wear.  I also love the length of the dress. Dress is a bit snug through the chest but I'm losing weight so it shouldn't be a problem.

By rozyckir - Mar 08, 2015

Have dealt with them several times and have never had any problems and shipping is always prompt. Product is always as advertised. Batteau neckline is my favorite type.   And the bodice and sheer three-quarter sleeves are all-over applied  lace appliques. It is a  romanticand fraceful gown.  Highly recommended.